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Going for Old Community Interest Company is a social enterprise promoting action for healthy ageing through all stages of life.
Taking a small steps approach to adopting healthy lifestyle choices on a regular basis can help us achieve the bigger goals and improve our quality of life more effectively than taking a ‘big bang’ approach to change which can be difficult for most of us to sustain.
Going for Old’s founding Director is Angela White, a retired doctor and surgeon, who spent her career in the NHS working with older people and learned how miserable life can be if we grow older with long term health problems.
In the UK, 14% of people aged 40 have at least one long term health condition but by the age of 60 that rises to 60%. This is not to say that at 60 people develop health problems, rather it is the consequence of the lifestyle choices they have made throughout life.
All too often the messages we hear about health are simply statements such as “Eat five a day” or “No more than 14 units of alcohol a week”. What we don’t hear are the reasons behind this and It’s difficult to make an informed choice if we don’t have appropriate information to judge for ourselves.

Our Mission:

To inspire and empower everyone to make healthy choices today for a happier tomorrow


Going for Old is developing informative resources for social media and for a website to support you with your health goals. We are also developing and delivering Health and Wellbeing workshops to provide in depth information and education on different health topics. In this way we aim to help people find “Why” making one choice is better than another and so help them make informed choices.
We want to enable as many people as we can to access our resources and provide the workshops free of charge if possible.
Sponsoring Going for Old will enable us to develop more content and help more people. Together we can help improve the health of the nation.
Thank you for your support.
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