Hobbies: A Prescription for Positivity

We all have those days when it’s hard work just getting out of bed. Sometimes it can last more than just a day. Whatever the cause, if your mood could use a cheerful boost, discovering a heartfelt hobby may be just the remedy your weary soul seeks. In this short article we offer a few ideas to unleash your inner hobbyist by learning, creating or trying something new.

Think of it as mental health magic:

  • Hobbies ignite sparks of enjoyment, releasing dopamine the brain’s happy hormone which will leave you feeling good and wanting to do more.
  • Whether it’s a fluffy needle-felted masterpiece like mine (so satisfying!), planting seeds for the vegetable garden, or mastering that killer guitar riff, hobbies are a satisfying way to spend your time.
  • Learning a new skill or rediscovering an old one keeps your brain on its toes, improving agility and cognitive function.
  • Hobbies aren’t only solo acts so whatever you choose, grab a mate or two and enjoy it together.
  • Hobbies are journeys, not destinations. Learn to laugh at the slip-ups, celebrate the wobbly first steps, and revel in the joy and reward of seeing yourself progress.

So, how do you find your happy-craft?

  • What hobbies have you had in the past? Might they be something you’d like to rekindle?
  • What have you read about or seen others do and thought “I’d like to try that” – from juggling to making sourdough bread or growing bonsai trees – all are possible.
  • Or was it spending hours building lego or Meccano models – embrace your inner child and watch the magic happen.
  • Check out the many classes your local college and adult learning program has to offer and enrol for something you’ve always wanted to try.

The only rule is to do what makes your heart sing! ❤️

What are you ready to unleash?